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Terry Keith's Projects

Terry is in the process of "re-restoring" his 1963 Studebaker Champ pickup, which was originally restored in 1994.  He didn't have it done for the Zone Meet, but he did have it at the Lawrence car show, in Oct.  It still needs some more things put on it, but it is on the way to being completed.

Truck waiting to be painted.

Sanding the hood

At the same time, Terry is trying to get his 1976 Avanti II so it doesn't run so hot.  He already has had the heads reworked & that didn't help.  The next step is to have the radiator recored.  That is what he is working on now.  In the pictures he is getting ready to and removing the radiator.

This picture & the next one the radiator is being unbolted


Radiator coming out of the car

Radiator's final resting place

Radiator is out & being moved


Now that the radiator is out of the car, the next step is to take it to the radiator shop to be recored.  It was recored once to a three core.  This time it will be done to a four core.  This better do the trick since Terry wants to take it to Tulsa in April.  Again, Good Luck, Terry!!
It is now May & the Avanti made it to Tulsa and back without getting hot.  Looks like the problem is resolved!!!
Way to go Terry! We knew you could do it!!!!

Any other club member with any current or future projects, send me pictures & I will post them here too.